WTF – VMware Update Manager 6.0 Install

I remember installing this was much easier back in da day….

First problem

Trying to find vmware update manager. There is no download link for it on vmware website. After much searching you’ll find it in the vcenter iso.

Second problem

.net 3.5 sp1 installation in windows 2012 can only be done through server manager. This is a big WTF. If your server isn’t online you need to run some command line that downloads it from a mounted windows 2012 iso. My server was having problems updating because of some firewall policies. Took a long time to figure this out.

Third problem

installing update manager needs a ODBC connection. I remember in the past it would install sql express but now you gotta do everything manually. Had to download sqlexpress. I downloaded 2014 microsoft sql express 64 and then needed sql server management studio to create a database. Well VUM doesn’t support 64-bit, you need to setup a 32-bit sql. And 32-bit mssql only works with 32-it sql server management studio. Finally after setting up ODBC I was able to complete the install.

Fourth problem

yes last problem. after all was said and done, vum service wasn’t talking to the database properly. The error didn’t say it couldn’t talk to database so couldn’t figure out for a while was wrong. I was looking up a bunch of stuff that didn’t help. Finally decided to look at event viewer. I should’ve done this first. Found that the SQL user SYSTEM was trying to access the db no permissions. I went to service manager and changed in properties, login as the administrator.



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