headache – zimbra server status page error

Message: error while proxying request to target server: Connection refused Error code: service.PROXY_ERROR Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Receiver

Error found with the proxy in log file: /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log
The mbox was trying to access a new mbox that wasn’t setup properly.


Run through the checks in the above link and found that there was still a user existing on new broken mbox
GUI option was greyed out so had to delete it by CLI

su - zimbra
zmprov da [email protected]


found another error in mailbox.log.
zimbraloghostname server = null


zmprov gacf | grep zimbraLogHostname

and it showed that it was pointing to the new broken mbox
finally had to change the good mailbox servers config

to check
zmprov mcf zimbraLogHostname
to update
zmprov mcf zimbraLogHostname zimbra.company.com


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